Winter Florist Tips.

No matter what the season, people love fresh flowers, greenery arrangements, and other floral-related touches that really make a house a home. A love of fresh smells and visual appeal leads many towards the florist industry and when you have a skill for it, it just makes sense to try your go at a business related to said skill. The thing is, it takes more than just an eye for great, healthy, vibrant flowers and skill in arranging them to make a florist a success. You have to provide valuable, high quality services to the community you work in and most importantly, people have to know you are there.

With the holiday season fast approaching, both new and established florists can take this time as an opportunity make changes to your operations. What follows are just a few great ways that you can make the most of this opportunity to set your floral shop up for success.

  • Holiday-Oriented Floral Stock: The holiday season means a lot of people are looking for seasonal decorative items like wreaths, floral centerpieces for holiday tables, and the like. That means you will need to adjust your stock and make sure you order all the products you need for seasonal decorative items.   
  • Expanded Hours: Christmastime is when a lot of businesses do the bulk of their sales. More people are out shopping and thus there is more potential customer traffic to take advantage of. Consider having expanded holiday hours to accommodate after-work holiday shoppers. You may also need to hire temporary staff during the holiday season to accommodate the extra traffic.
  • New Marketing Campaign: Since so many people are in the shopping mood during the holiday season, it is a perfect time to launch a new marketing campaign, along with holiday-themed sales. This will let people know you are there and the sales will get people in the doors to see all the various arrangements and other items you also have for sale.

All of these ideas will help spread the word about your brand and business, giving new and returning customers good reason to stop by your floral shop this holiday season. Switching your stock to seasonal items and holiday decorations as well as offering expanded hours help enhance your utility and allow you to take advantage of the all-important holiday shopping season. A new marketing campaign will let people know you are there and what you have to offer. The thing is, all of these things require liquid capital that many small business owners don’t have access to. Thankfully, places like Canadian Merchant Cash Advance offer the capital you need, at fair rates, when you need it, allowing you to focus on growing your floral business as much as possible.

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