Using Seasonal Specialties to Enhance Your Business

As the summer months begin to wane, it is time to prepare for the cooler months and upcoming holiday season. For many businesses across Canada, the busy travel season is finally coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that business stops. While for many businesses, the summer season represents the bulk of their yearly business, there are ways to help keep the deluge of traffic from drying up completely.


One way that businesses across Canada stay relevant and in the public eye is to change up their offerings with the seasons. This is especially true for restaurants but is also relevant to clothing boutiques, art shops, and more. This is a great time of year to take a look at your inventory and pursue your current offerings. With the weather cooling down, you have a great opportunity to add some new offerings to your usual selection and can even use this as an excuse to amp up your marketing campaign to get more visibility.


There are many ways you can approach this without breaking the proverbial bank. For restaurants, it is pretty simple. Add a dish or two that feature an in-season item of produce or meat, or even have more than one offering. This is attractive as it is a “once a year” kind of thing that people don’t want to miss. Sourcing your seasonal offerings from local meat, dairy, or fruit and vegetable producers can also be a big draw. There has been a major increase in the popularity of seasonal and locally-sourced foods.


It can take a bit more creativity for those outside of the restaurant business, but there are ways that you can take advantage of the cooler weather. Clothing stores will change their wears over to more cold weather-appropriate clothing, so there isn’t much thought that needs to go into how to keep things fresh with the changing seasons there. For other businesses though, even if you don’t change your offerings.


Running a limited-time sale is a great way to take advantage of the weather cooling down and try to keep traffic coming through your doors. Sales are always attractive to deal hunters and make it more likely that people will at least come to see what you have on offer. Seasonal sales are often the main source of revenue for retail establishments outside of the summer tourist and holiday season. It is important that you get word of your sale out or only people who physically pass your store will even know it is going on.


This is where advertising and marketing come in. Whether you are adding seasonal specialties to your menu, updating your clothing selections for the new season, or running a limited-time sale, people need to know these things are happening or they won’t take advantage of them. This is a great time to revamp your marketing campaign and make sure that your new offering or sales are advertised in both print and digital media.


All of these things require at least a little liquid capital. Making sure you have plenty of product in stock, redoing your marketing campaign, and putting out ads are great ways to get new traffic in your doors, but many small business owners lack access to the cash they need to make these things happen. This is why so many are using merchant cash advances from reputable lenders like Canadian Merchant Cash Advance. They offer small business owners access to the cash they need, at fair and reasonable terms, allowing them to expand their business offerings without breaking the bank in the process

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