Using an MCA for Working Capital Financing

Small business owners need cash for any number of reasons, from improvements and repairs, to simply having the money you need to run your business as it should be. There are a whole host of reasons that a business owner may need access to liquid capital quickly, but this is something that most small business owners are lacking. The terms and repayment requirements for small business loans are often prohibitive, so what is a small business owner to do if they find themselves in need of working capital financing in Canada?


First off, what is working capital financing? Well, in short, this refers to financing the basic operations of a business, from utilities, stock, and even staff wages. Sometimes business is slow or you just need help getting off the ground and this can be the death knell for many small businesses as they may not qualify for a small business loan. Not to mention, there are tons of restrictions on small business loans that make it difficult to use the funds for the things you need them for.


This doesn’t mean that a small business owner in Canada just has to watch their business go under or saddle themselves with a hefty loan. Working capital financing is a great option for a small business owner who is going through a tough time and needs a bit of assistance in keeping the business running. Lenders like Canadian Merchant Cash Advance provide an easy and fair way of getting access to the money you need, without breaking the proverbial bank in the process.


With a lender like CMCA, you can qualify for the cash you need to keep your business up and running and get approval in as little as 24-hours. Even those with less-than-perfect credit can qualify for a merchant cash advance from a reputable lender like CMCA and the terms of repayment are far more attractive to the struggling small business owner.


When you have a small business loan, you are required to make a set monthly payment on a certain date, regardless of how well your business is doing. With a merchant cash advance, repayment works differently. A merchant cash advance is repaid as a portion of the revenue you bring in. Each time someone makes a purchase at your establishment, a small portion of the payment will be used to repay the cash advance. This means that repayment is tied to your actual revenue, making it a lot easier for small business owners to manage than a traditional business loan.


If you run a small business that requires fast liquid capital to keep your operations running, working capital financing through a merchant cash advance is a great way to get the cash you need without the need for collateral or great credit. You can repay the advance as your business comes in, making it easier than ever before to get and keep your business on the right financial footing without saddling yourself with unreasonable loan obligations.

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