Tips for Making Your Bakery A Success

For many of us, there is nothing better than fresh bread, baked goods, and other delights, handmade with love and care. A local bakery can be the heart of a community and it is definitely the place to get the best breakfast in town or the base for an amazing homemade sandwich. Running a successful bakery takes a lot more than just knowing how to make good bread. In fact, this other knowhow might actually be more important to the success of your business than you might imagine.

What follows are some tips and hints that prospective or newly opened bakeries can utilize to help get the word of their business to the community at large, as well as help keep your bakery ahead of the trends so as to maintain a level of popularity for years to come.


  • Change up the menu with the seasons. Of course there will be staples that people come in for on a regular basis like sliced breads, rolls, bagels, and the like, but it is also helpful to have a few specialty items that you feature at different times of the year. This gives customers something to look forward to and can also be what brings new customers in the door. As the weather turns cool, think about bringing out a seasonal line of spiced quick breads that provide a taste of the season.
  • Hire seasonal help for the holidays. Even though most people don’t really buy bakery goods as Christmas presents, they are often looking for quick and easy meals for family gatherings or simply a good breakfast before a day of holiday shopping. This means that you might need to adjust your hours to provide for the enhanced traffic during the holiday season. You many also need to hire additional temporary staff for this increased traffic.
  • Start a new marketing campaign. Your advertisement campaign is a huge part of how people learn that your business exists. You need to update your campaign on occasion to implement new techniques or to adjust the wording of marketing materials to reflect changes in menu items. It can also be good for business to run a variety of holiday promotional sales or specials and a new marketing campaign is the perfect way to spread the word.

All of these tips are excellent advice to any bakery, whether new or established, as this will help keep your menu and products fresh, encouraging people to come back again and again. A good marketing campaign is how you get the word of your brand to the public and get people in the doors to try your superior products. The big problem with these things is that they do all require some level of capital, which is something that a lot of small bakery owners just don’t have ready access to. Thankfully, at Canadian Merchant Cash Advance, we have the capital that you need, available at excellent terms, allowing you to make the changes you need, when you need, without a lot of stress in the process.

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