Small Businesses make the Fall Transition

As the summer season begins to wind down, many business owners are looking to take this transition opportunity as a way to take stock of their business operations, think about seasonal changes, as well as plan marketing campaigns for the coming season. Fall is a time of transition, which allows us the chance to not only evaluate the progress we have made in our efforts thus far, but to think and brainstorm about how to grow our business and expand our brand in the future. As a business owner, you must always be thinking in both the present and the future.

What follows are three great ways that you can evaluate and prepare your business for the coming winter season so as to maximize your exposure and visibility, thus hopefully translating into expanded sales and patronage.


  • Take Stock of Your Stock. As the warm season winds down, chances are that you have certain seasonal offerings that you are trying to get rid of to make way for new, seasonally relevant offerings. This is the case whether your business is a restaurant or a retail establishment. Bringing in new stocks for the new season is part and parcel to maintaining a good stock of desired merchandise or food offerings for the coming cooler months.
  • Source New Product Lines, Ingredients, Offerings, Etc. As we noted above, a lot of establishments take the transition time to switch from summer-oriented offerings to fall- and winter-oriented offerings. This means that you will need to get in touch and make contractual arrangements with new purveyors of products and make the appropriate arrangements to obtain said items.
  • Prepare New Marketing Campaigns for Winter and Holiday Season. Most companies have a range of different marketing campaigns that they run throughout the year. With the cooler weather coming, it is time to brainstorm and plan for the new season’s marketing campaigns, with a particular focus on holiday-related marketing strategies.


Regardless of your business, the above stated tips are good practices if you want to keep your products and services relevant, accessible, and popular. Problem is, all of these things require regular infusions of capital that a lot of small and medium business owners simply do not have. Thanks to fair and reasonable cash advance services like Canadian Merchant Cash Advance, your business has access to the regular flow of cash it needs to promote and grow with their products and services.

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