Preparing for Ski Season in Alberta

For many businesses across Canada, the weather is beginning to cool down marks the end of the busy time of year, but this is not the case for all locales and establishments. Business owners across Alberta and other popular ski destinations are starting to gear up for their busiest time of year. People flock from across the country and across the world during the winter to take advantage of the stunning vistas and excellent skiing options available in Alberta. It is one of the most popular ski destinations in Canada and during the winter sees a huge influx of traffic.


Regardless of your business, the ski season presents a unique and excellent opportunity to attract these visitors in your doors and give a boost to your business. It isn’t just ski resorts that will see a dramatic increase in traffic during the winter months. All sorts of businesses, from accommodations, restaurants, retail stores, and more, can all benefit from the uptick in traffic that the ski season brings to businesses in Alberta.


Business owners should be prepared for the increase in traffic. This may mean that you will need to add to your inventory to ensure that you have enough stock for the busy months ahead. Some businesses will expand their hours during this time to better take advantage of the boost in sales. This may also mean that you will need to hire additional staff to manage all these new customers. It is a real mistake to assume that if you aren’t directly related to the ski tourism industry that you do not need to prepare for the ski season.


Whether you own a restaurant, a boutique, or even a salon, you want to make sure that visitors know that you are there and what you have on offer. This is why many business owners will use this opportunity to market in publications and other media that ski enthusiasts are likely to look at. This will alert them to your presence, even if you are not directly in the ski tourism industry. Enhanced marketing during this time of year is a great way to get new and repeat customers to see what you have to offer.


Making sure that visitors are aware of your presence and what you have to offer is imperative if you want to take advantage of increased traffic in Alberta. You will also need to make sure that you have full stock to be able to meet the needs of this expanded traffic. Some businesses may even find that an expansion of business hours is a great way to cash in on the added traffic to the city. The biggest problem is that all of these things require access to cash that many small business owners don’t have. This is why so many rely on merchant cash advances from places like Canadian Merchant Cash Advance. CMCA provides easy access to the cash you need, with reasonable and fair repayment options, allowing you to capitalize on the increase in visitors.

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