Merchant cash advance (MCA) services generate news on a regular basis. The usual news on IPOs, partnerships and new product offerings is there. A quick Web search will be enough to call up recent news related to the industry. Some of those sources will also be industry sources that are worth bookmarking and returning to. Those steps will allow business owners to use MCA services with less risk.

Merchant Cash Advance News:


Forbes, Entrepreneur and specialty news services publish stories of interest to potential MCA customers. For example, ISO and Agent covers the MCA industry in depth. Their coverage may be of more interest to entrepreneurs who are considering entering the industry. Popular business magazines and their Web sites will have more information relevant to potential cash advance users.


New regulations and new offerings continue to change the MCA industry. These are the sorts of things business owners need to look for, if they plan to use cash advances.


Increasingly, small and medium businesses use Automated Cash Handling (ACH) services to accept more forms of electronic payment. An estimated 20 million small businesses do not take credit cards. The ability to sell ACH transactions to an MCA vendor may have contributed to growth in the industry but there is no readily available data on that.


Legal news relevant to the industry comes out sometimes, mostly when there is new legislation or a lawsuit. The MCA industry is heavily regulated and those regulations change. Potential investors need to keep up with this news.


Keeping up with merchant cash advance news can also be a good risk management step, and there are some risks.


Business Risks:


Almost any news relevant to MCA vendors or potential customers can be found for free online. The news sources will also cover the true costs and risks of using a merchant cash advance to fund business expansion or emergency repairs. This is information all potential customers need to find so they can make an informed decision.


News about the merchant cash advance industry tends to turn up news on risks to current and future vendors. As always there are risks to dealing with, or offering, cash advances. Sometimes lawsuits affect vendors and brokers. While a broker might not be directly affected by a court case, there could still be implications for the broker’s business.


Legal concerns and trends in the industry get some coverage, especially when there is a high-profile legal action. A recent case in California resulted in a judgment of over $23 million.

Potential ISOs, brokers and MCA lenders will need to keep up with legal developments, new product offerings and new business practices. Investors who specialize in financial services will want to know the same things.


Track MCA News and Views:


Any business owner planning to use cash advances as a business strategy will need to keep up with industry news. Business owners planning to broker cash advances or otherwise get into the industry have to keep up with developments relevant to the industry too. Merchant cash advance news comes from a range of sources.

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