Up to $100,000 Cash Advance

Small Business Capital in 24hrs

Fast cash advance: As anyone can tell you, business is rarely predictable! Air conditioning, Heaters, Breakdown!, business emergencies or a host of other unplanned events can happen that hit you with unplanned expenses. That can hurt your business. So when the unforeseen become unaffordable it helps to know that CMCA can provide you with up to $100,000.00 fast, easy capital within 24hrs, with quick access to your future sales,when you can’t afford to wait for sales so far ways…Get Paid for those sales Today….Have peace of mind that your, CA$H FLOW PROBLEMS are taken care of…..

Helping small businesses grow.

Retail accounts for nearly two-thirds of the Canadian gross domestic product online and in stores.

At CMCA, we understand the complexity of running a physical store or an Amazon business, so we offer a variety of merchant cash advances and credit lines that address a range of needs. Many of our existing clients are eBay and Amazon sellers and retailers.

The retail sector includes businesses selling to consumers, from mom and pop stores, to eBay or Amazon sellers, to service providers. You know how important your industry is to our local and national economies, and MCMA does too. That’s why we love helping small businesses grow.

Some of the Industries We Serve:

  •   Franchises
  •   Restaurants
  •   Convenience Stores
  •   Automotive Sales & Service
  •   Personal Services
  •   Business Services
  •   Coffee Shops
  •   Hotels/Hospitality
  •   Gyms/Fitness Centers
  •   Grocery Franchises
  •   Cosmetics & Beauty
  •   Retail Clothing
  •   Medical Clinics & Offices
  •   OTR Trucking Companies
  •   Dental Practices
  •   Optometry Practices

Small Business Cash Advance

A faster way to grow your business
Unlike traditional small business merchant cash advances, we offer a simple application process, higher approval rates and daily repayments with shorter terms.

Finance any business goal

Use our Small Business Cash Advance to pay for virtually anything you need for your business, including:

  • Equipment financing
  • Location expansion
  • Hiring new employees
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Upgrading technology
  • Debt consolidation
  • Additional inventory
  • And more!