Holiday Time & Beauty Salon Tips MCA

With retail outlets rushing to handle to onslaught of holiday shopping and turning over their inventory for more winter-appropriate goods, it might seem like establishments like salons and barber shops would be immune from this need as they don’t sell the same type of product or service. But the thing is, it really helps as a salon or barber shop, to use these normal “transition times” that retailers go through at the turn of the season, to revamp and roll out new services. It will help you stay fresh and will give you something new to inform the public about, ultimately bringing more potential long-term business your way.


So even though barber shops and salons don’t sell holiday-themed material, it is an opportunity to expand offerings, and there is the potential for increased sales. What follows are just a few of the ways that you can leverage the holiday season to boost exposure and your potential client base.


  • Expand Offerings: With many retail establishments turning over their inventory and bringing in entirely new lines of products, salons and barber shops can also take a proverbial page out of this book and expand their offerings. If you have been considering adding more chairs to your establishment to be able to service more customers, or you want to expand your offerings to include things like hair dyeing and styling, this is a good time to introduce these changes.
  • Hire Holiday Staff: A lot of people go to holiday parties and want to look their best and this is also the time of year that people are buying beauty and hair care products for their beauty-conscious family members. This means that you are likely to see an increased amount of traffic that could necessitate your need to hire some extra temporary staff to help manage the increased traffic.
  • Marketing: You have to keep your marketing campaign fresh in order to always be attracting new business. Changing your marketing campaign and running season-specific sales is a great way to get more foot traffic in your salon or barber shop. If you plan on running a sale, a tailored marketing campaign in advance of the sale is sure to help boost that sale even further.


All of these things have the potential to dramatically increase the amount of traffic you see in your salon or barber shop, as they expose more people to your product and service, give them a reason to check you out, and also lets you take advantage of increased retail traffic during the holiday shopping season. The problem is, all of these things require liquid capital that many small business owners don’t have in droves. This is where fair and high quality cash advances from places like Canadian Merchant Cash Advance come in. We offer you the capital you need at fair terms, allowing you to expand and focus on what you do best: your business.

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