Beauty Salon Cash Advance

As a beauty salon owner, you know how important it is to be able to stay out in front of the trends, as well as the need to grow your business as demand requires. Whether you are simply looking to see your business grow as much as possible, or you already have solid ideas as to how to make this dream a reality, there is no better time than the present to put the proverbial wheels in motion that will set you and your business up for the best possible success.


With the changing season, a lot of small business owners see this time of year as a great opportunity to launch new and innovative marketing and ad campaigns as a means to draw in new potentially long-term clientele. What follows are just a few ways that you can leverage the change in season to make some dramatic or subtle changes to your business that will allow you to attract new clients, as well as grow your business to meet the varied needs of your community.


  • Holiday Sales and Extended Hours: Chances are, you provide more than just beauty services at your salon. You likely also provide various types and brands of beauty products that your staff uses. During the holiday season, a lot of businesses make the bulk of their yearly income. This can also be true for salons. Not only are there a lot more parties and family gatherings that prompt people to dress up, people are also looking for gifts for the beauty-conscious family members. This means that it makes sense to promote and have sales on products and services, and you may even need to extend your hours for the holiday season.
  • Get the stock you need: If you are going to be having a holiday sale, you are likely going to need more stock than you would normally require any other time of year. Fall is a great time to go ahead and plan for the extra stock you will need for the holidays and find purveyors who will be able to supply your needs.
  • Consider you staffing needs for the holidays: If you are going to have sales and extended hours, you may need to some additional, temporary staff to help you out with the holiday crush. This doesn’t usually mean that you need a bunch of new stylists, but that you will need extra staff to man the phones, to sell gift certificates, as well as beauty products. This is a good time of year to go ahead and start to plan for your temporary hiring needs.

These are just a few ways that you can really leverage the change in season to grow your business and to prepare for the coming holiday season. All of the things that we describe above are great ways to prepare for the uptick in customers, as well as a means to use the holidays to attract new customers. Only problem is that all of these things require capital that a lot of small business owners don’t have. Thanks to reasonable and fair cash advance services such as those provided by Canadian Merchant Cash Advance, small business owners have easy access to the capital they need,when they need it.

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